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Monday, April 1, 2013

Mahal ko, Music ko - Tag 91.1 FM

Mahal ko, music ko ( I love my music) is the tagline of the all new Filipino FM radio station called Tag 91.1 that was launched last Sunday (not this Easter Sunday-the other Sunday - this is what happens when your post is soooo late) and started airing on Monday 25th March 2013 dedicated to the Filipino community with 645,000 population in the UAE.

Hubby picks me up everyday from work and as I sit in the car that evening, popular Tagalog music (Pusong Bato - overly popularized by Juan Dela Cruz teleserye of ABS-CBN) was crooning on the radio. I asked my husband if Dubai Eye 103.8 changed its airing time? He said it didn't but is a new Pinoy radio station and that he was listening to it the whole day. I get so excited with this and we listened to it all the way home ditching our other favorite English FM radio station.

I will never get tired of listening to it and I don't know about you guys my fellow Pinoys but honestly it is soothing because it is in our language  It is totally nostalgic and I felt like riding on a patok jeep during my college days in Manila while listening to Home Radio 97.9. I only get to listen to tag 91.1 forty five minutes to an hour in the morning and evening on our way to and from work. I am yet to hear OPM hits and I mean the old and famous ones.

With the significant number of Filipinos in the UAE, the growing attention is good for us and we are loving it. Gone are the days when you cannot simply find an ingredient to a Pinoy dish you want to cook, now we even have our own radio station, isn't that great.  Not to mention RAK Bank targeting Filipinos with its first in the UAE Bayani prepaid card, in April, the first Pinoy Property Show will be held in Dubai Dusit Thani Hotel from April 25- 27,  2013 ( who wants a condo?). 

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